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SHANA TUCKER is a singer-songwriter and cellist who credits her genre-bending ChamberSoul™ journey to the influences of her jazz and classical roots interwoven with 80's & 90's pop music, movie soundtracks, and world music.

Touted by JazzTimes Magazine as “a jazz talent...whose imprint and vitality has already been quite visible in North Carolina,” Shana’s style and sound as been described as a mash-up of Dianne Reeves, Joni Mitchell, and Tracy Chapman, with an efficient complexity that is reminiscent of Bill Withers.

B u y   S H i N E

"Most importantly, the songs tell a story; that’s what a work of art should do...making the audience realize that life is universal... Compelling, distinctive, a sure sign of greater things to come."

"A complex musician who offers not only a world-class voice that rivals that of Cleo Laine or Diana Krall, but also is an accomplished cellist...she carves out a space that is intrinsically hers..."


"An absolute stunner... Her original gumbo of jazz, folk and R&B evokes the spirit of Bill Withers and Esperanza Spalding. "


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"SHiNE, the lush, ChamberSoul debut from Durham, NC singer-songwriter and cellist SHANA TUCKER, is an earful. Her sweet, unerring voice alone would be enough to support a career; what makes Tucker special is her adherence to the cello, boldly taking the instrument into new territory. Much like vocalist Esperanza Spalding with her double bass, Tucker and her cello blur the lines in our heads that divide classical, jazz, folk, R&B and soul.

Tucker's heart-driven truths are a goldmine; her melodic inventions reveal novelty without force. Jazzy, rhythmic complexity comes across as infectiously singable in Tucker's hands. Take, for example, the funky, "NO GET-BACK," with escalating backing vocals woven into three-part harmonies (each voice is Tucker's just multi-tracked) worthy of The Staples Singers. Or there's "NOVEMBER," the tune most likely to catch a popular wind that could lift SHiNE to a higher level, like Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car." Tucker's confessional storytelling is her strength; one minute, she's rambling over coffee, but before you can put down your spoon, she has boiled the matter down to it's essence. "I miss the month I loved you," she sings, telling the story of everyone who has ever been blown out of the water by a truncated romance, wherever it happened to fall on the calendar.

Tucker's faith in herself—and in a higher power—lights up the title track...As part of her codex, Tucker takes no mess, as "Repeat Again" makes clear, a song that begins where her patience with fools ends. Virtually the only emotion not cataloged on SHiNE is fear. Tucker's debut is a bold piece of vulnerability, meticulously executed and gorgeously produced, with a supporting cast that includes local talents from Eric Hirsh and Stephen Coffman to James Wallace and Chris Boerner. Tucker's SHiNE debut is a bold piece of vulnerability, meticulously executed and gorgeously produced. Transcending genre-driven obstacles, SHiNE is acoustic music for inner rooms, with the human soul as resonating chamber."
— Sylvia Pfeiffenberger, INDYWEEK.COM


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