ChamberSoul: In the Moment
A documentary film short following the journey of
a new composition from inception, arrangement, and rehearsal
into a full-ensemble, recording studio live performance,
and the story behind Shana’s self-described “ChamberSoul”.  



After a year of discussions and preparation, this project has been identified to give me the opportunity to not only express my artistic vision, but to more fully express my artistic *self* by documenting the creative and collaborative processes I’m continuing to develop through my self-defined "ChamberSoul".

The song commissioned for the film, "In the Moment", is my newest composition and is the absolute embodiment of ChamberSoul in both composition and performance. The film will document the North Carolinian origins of ChamberSoul and the process of taking this song from inception to performance through the filming of concept meetings, rehearsals, and finally the all-ensemble studio recording at Manifold, an internationally-recognized, state-of-the-art studio complex in Pittsboro, NC.

Michael Tiemann, co-owner of Manifold, sought me out after I returned from working with Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas to see if there might be a project of mine that they could help bring to light. Michael proposed that we document discussions about this concept of “ChamberSoul”, and also follow the production process of evolving a new composition from just an idea into full actualization, including concept meetings, rehearsals, production conversations, etc. The end result will be the unfolding of “the making and the doing”…a wonderful peek inside the creative process and just what’s involved for this independent artist to make the music in an authentic, meaningful way.

Live performances of “In the Moment” will begin on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17 at 7:00 PM at The Haw River Ballroom in Saxapahaw, NC for a special, all-ages seated show, co-presented by Culture Mill. Tickets are limited; purchase now by clicking here.

Full Letter of Support from Michael Tiemann, Co-owner & General Manager, Manifold Recording.

I am happy to support (Shana’s) artistic residency at Manifold Recording because she has all the attributes I have seen of artists who come to our Universities, who come to our stages from all over the world, and I think she has something as important to share as any of them do.
— Michael Tiemann, Co-owner & General Manager, Manifold Recording