ChamberSoul Artist Collective


THE CHAMBERSOUL ARTIST COLLECTIVE is a concept created and developed by cellist/singer-songwriter/teaching artist Shana Tucker in 2017 in response to what she identified as "a need for independent artists to organize as a community in support of each other as we all work towards the similar goal of making art and functioning sustainably and successfully as a creative, artistic professional."  

Independent artists need similar administrative tools and resources in order to run a smooth operation within this constantly-changing music industry. We also need to stay in constant contact with industry trends in order to stay current and in stride with artists/companies with access to larger budgets. 

And, of course, there's the ever-present reality of securing meaningful work...which means different things to different people. But in this particular case, it means making the type of art that satisfies our unique creative needs while also satisfying our financial needs.

By pooling intellectual and tangible resources, having conversations, building relationships of support and empathy for what independent artists of all genres can relate to as "The Grind", and by upholding each other to the highest standards of professionalism, follow-through and artistic excellence, the ChamberSoul Artist Collective is here to connect independent artists with each other in a supportive, thriving network that will help artists to do what they are meant to do: Make art and find work that is meaningful and sustainable.

For information about how the ChamberSoul Artist Collective, please send an email to Shana, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.


photo: Sonia Seelinger

Shana Tucker | MUSICIAN/EDUCATOR/founder

With a deep respect for lyrical storytelling, cellist/singer-songwriter Shana Tucker delivers a unique voice through her self-described genre of ChamberSoul. Shana's melodies weave strong hints of jazz, classical, soulful folk, acoustic pop and a touch of R&B into a distinctive rhythmic tapestry. After 5 years playing/singing in Las Vegas with the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil show, KA, Shana returned to North Carolina to share her ChamberSoul vibe as a solo artist, collaborator, and teaching artist. She is the founder of ChamberSoul Artist Collective, and a front-line advocate for independent artists and arts in education with similar vigor.

Beverly Botsford


Beverly Botsford is a cross-cultural percussionist and educator, blending music, movement, and spoken word in solo and ensemble presentations. Embracing drumming traditions and inspirations of Africa, Cuba, South America and her native North Carolina, she weaves colorful rhythmic tapestries with her infinite array of collected and homemade instruments. Beverly celebrates more than 30 years of full-time, professional experience, performing and teaching in an infinite variety of situations.

photo: Denise Worden Photography

Lois Deloatch gomes | Artist & consultant

Lois Deloatch Gomes' career spans nearly three decades in the arts, education and philanthropy. Noted for her rich contralto voice, compelling songwriting,  and sophisticated humor, Lois has appeared in concert throughout the United States and internationally, written and lectured on jazz, arts and culture, and co-hosted a radio show. Collaborating across art forms, Lois works with dancers, visual artists, filmmakers, authors, scholars, and others to conceive and create innovative works.

Steph Johnson


After 2 successful independent CD releases, San Diego-based guitarist/singer songwriter Steph Johnson commissioned two-time Grammy award-winning producer Kamau Kenyatta to produce her latest release, "Music is Art". Featuring 10 of her original compositions, the CD has propelled her career to new heights, and celebrates the unique blend of her jazz stylings with her soulful R&B roots. Ever the community activist, Steph co-founded “Voices Of Our City”, a choir for people experiencing homelessness in San Diego in Summer 2016. 

Amy Bormet

AMY K. BORMET, Pianist/vocalist/composer

Currently living in Los Angeles, Amy K. Bormet is an in-demand pianist, vocalist, and composer. The quintet from her debut album, Striking, was featured as part of the Mary Lou Williams Jazz Festival at the Kennedy Center. As an advocate for women in music, Amy created the Washington Women in Jazz Festival in 2011 and continues to serve as executive director. In addition to her performance career, Amy is a prolific composer frequently combining improvisation with concert music. 

Shirazette Tinnin


Drummer, educator, clinician, author and health coach, Shirazette Tinnin was born and raised in North Carolina. Shirazette is frequently on tour with premier bands such as Tia Fuller Quartet, The Mimi Jones Band, Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble, Women of the World Ensemble, Gabriel Algeria Afro Peruvian Sextet, Allan Harris Group, Camille Thurman, and many others in addition to leading her own group, "Shirazette Tinnin and Sonic Wallpaper." Shirazette is an active clinician, educator, mentor, composer, a certified personal trainer and published author.