"One of my biggest joys is working with students of all ages, discussing and exploring and creating music through song. Facilitating workshops, residencies and Informances allows me the opportunity to help people discover the songs that live inside their souls and hearts. Within my musical livelihood, there is very little 'work' that is as fulfilling as this." 

"My goal is to give practical tools for participants to use that will help them express themselves through music ... (it) should be an inspiring and empowering experience for participants of all ages." — SHANA TUCKER

Shana teaches workshops on the following topics (overviews available upon request):

  • "Two-Five-One" Jazz Basics
  • Intro to Songwriting
  • Songwriting Techniques (intermediate songwriting)
  • Listening Ears: Intra-Ensemble Communication
  • The Grind: Indie Artist Insight on the Work Process
  • Re-Imagination: Making a Cover Song Your Own