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SHANA TUCKER is a singer-songwriter and cellist who credits her genre-bending ChamberSoul™ journey to the influences of her jazz and classical roots interwoven with 80's & 90's pop music, movie soundtracks, and world music.

Touted by JazzTimes Magazine as “a jazz talent...whose imprint and vitality has already been quite visible in North Carolina,” Shana’s style and sound as been described as a mash-up of Dianne Reeves, Joni Mitchell, and Tracy Chapman, with an efficient complexity that is reminiscent of Bill Withers.

Women's Work - A SisterCentric Collective

NEW PROJECT. Excited about this new musical collaboration that takes first-flight in Southern California this summer: WOMEN'S WORK.

Women's Work is a collective core ensemble of female musicians/composers/songwriters, featuring Steph Johnson (guitar/vocals), Melonie Grinnell (piano/keys) from San Diego; Shirazette Tinnin (drums/percussion) from NYC, and me -- Shana Tucker (cello, vocals, guitar), repping NC, with Rob Thorsen on bass (he's from San Diego, too). 

Our first encounter was for a benefit concert for Sister Support at The Warehouse on Prime in Spring 2017 in Pasadena, CA. I wanted to produce a meaningful, musical offering featuring some of my most talented SisterSledges, and called Steph and Shirazette to ask them to participate. Together with pianist/composer Amy Bormet (Washington Women in Jazz Festival founder/curator) and singer-songwriter Maritri (The SoulFolk Experience, HUE), we presented a concert that left us all feeling like there was more music to be written, more stories to be shared, and more spirits to be uplifted...specifically from a woman's perspective. 

So, we decided to form this new creative collective, Women's Work. In for-us-by-us fashion, the music will originate and be performed by a female-led ensemble. Original compositions and arrangements reflecting our Jazz, Soul, R&B, ChamberSoul, and Acoustic Pop sensibilities will be the resulting vibe and flavor of Women's Work. We plan to feature guest artists in the future; for now, as a new concept, we're eager to share the bodies of work that each sister brings to the stand.

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 WOMEN'S WORK is (L to R): Steph Johnson; Melonie Grinnell; Shana Tucker, Shirazette Tinnin, Rob Thorsen.

WOMEN'S WORK is (L to R): Steph Johnson; Melonie Grinnell; Shana Tucker, Shirazette Tinnin, Rob Thorsen.

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